A New Chapter Begins

New found love…

I would say surreal for the whole journey. Nothing magical and I will be brutally honest.

Took us almost 2 years to get pregnant. I did what I can. When I finally got pregnant, I vomit every day. I lost weight and only started to put on after I was 6 months pregnant. In total, I managed to gain 8kg.

Baby was growing well, he was 3.25kg.

I got back to my previous weight after 5 weeks of labour but not the body shape. To me, weight is not a concern. I want to build back my muscles.

It may sound like a good thing that I did not put on much weight but it was really exhausting to vomit every day. People are kind to give you advices but they do not work for me… I had to find my way…

To an extent that I vomited blood because I took medication to stop my vomit. I froze when I saw blood. I just stopped the medication and continued to vomit as usual.

I have learned and still learning so much about taking care of my baby & myself.

Labour is nothing compare to breastfeeding… Below is us, exhausted. My husband took a picture of us.


I realised how mentally and physically challenging it is with this new chapter of life. I came to realised I am very hands-on person. I had dismissed the nanny we hired within a week in the job.

  1. When I asked how often we need to shower the baby, she said once a week.
  2. She puts her pinky finger into my baby’s mouth instead of asking me to buy pacifier
  3. She cuddles him way too much and when I said no nicely, she did not take it well

Bottom line, we did not hire the right person.

Through my experience, I came to realised the importance of having well-trained maternity nurse and lactation specialist.

We did not hire a Chinese nanny because of the language barrier for my husband, different values and they do not listen to the parents’ request. We hired a nanny from overseas. Unfortunately, it did not work out.

We struggled by ourselves for a week without help. We were lucky to find great help soon afterwards.

Every day is a learning day. Having a new member, there is a lot of adjustments to be made. Relationship with my husband was also put to test. With all the stress, we learn the importance of trust, dedication and perseverance as a couple.

I am thinking of taking up courses on nutrition so I can prepare healthy meals for husband and eventually, my son when he takes solid food.

Another major concern is our cat with baby. We introduce the baby to our cat slowly and she seems to be taking it quite well.


Heading out to baby’s doctor appointment is a challenge. The stress of getting stares from strangers when he cries. People need to know crying is what baby does.


So much body changes… Stretch marks, stitches down there that I need a few more this week etc.

There are so much things to do and manage. I feel overwhelmed but I need to keep calm and work them out.

On top of that, I need to cook because we have been having take outs for way too long, since my pregnancy. Trying to make simple quick meals with Oisix services. Husband and I get to eat Japanese food, every night.

In order to achieve that, I need to plan the meals 1 week ahead and order the ingredients online. Starting to do it this week and hope I can maintain. Husband has been busy and Japanese home cooked meals relax him.


I understand having a helper can save me so much work but I realised I am not comfortable to have them live-in with me. Hence, hired part-time cleaner.

What can I say? I am in a beautiful mess…

Till then…

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