Comfortable White Sneakers – Ecco Women Soft 7 Sneakers

Minimalist look with white sneakers. I was researching which brand would be comfortable for walking and traveling.

I was aware of the trend from luxury brands where their white sneakers are embodied with logos or prints. Personally find it too flashy. I would also like to get less popular items but with good quality.

After much research and trying out, I decided to get Ecco Women Soft 7 Sneakers. It was very comfortable and the staff assisted me in finding the right size for my feet. I got them in Tokyo Japan. Could not remember the price but on Ecco US Website, it shows USD 160.

I have been wearing them for almost 3 years and it is still good as new.

Love the leather finish, lightness of the shoes and the comfort of walking on it. Hence, I am able to walk long distance.


It is easy to match with anything since it is white. Jeans, leggings, pants and even dress.

I like the sleek design too.

Maybe you can also consider Ecco if you are looking for a pair of comfortable white sneakers.

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