KFit Fitness Pass Review – Yoga BamBam @ Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Previously I went to Yoga BamBam, Central outlet. Now I went to try the other outlet at Sheung Wan. I attended Introduction Yoga but it was more of deep stretch. I loved it.

Question 1: Where is Yoga BamBam located?

There are 2 outlets:

Yoga BamBam Sheung Wan • 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, HK

Photo Credit: Yoga BamBam

Yoga BamBam Central  • 10 Shin Hing Street, Central, HK

Photo Credit: Yelp.com.sg

Question 2: What type of classes do Yoga BamBam has?

They have many type of classes to take. Too many to list in a table. Just check out their website for the details.


Question 3: Which class should I sign up?

It depends on personal preference. Start with yoga introduction/yoga if you are new to yoga. Once you are comfortable, go for Aerial Yoga or Inversions.

Personally, I prefer deep stretch.

Question 4: How much is one class?

Type/Price Trial Class Single (Online) 5 Class 8 Class 12 Class
Package $150 $200 $700 $1200 $1600
Cost per class $150 $200 $140 $150 $133
Validity NA NA 5 weeks 10 weeks 12 weeks

Prices are as of June 2017 for normal yoga classes. Pricing and validity does not encourage signing up package. I would sign up for single class instead.

However, I think Yoga BamBam is one of the best yoga studios in Hong Kong because the instructors have great passion for yoga, encouraging and informative.

The outlet at Sheung Wan does not have toilet or changing room. It’s better to be in your yoga outfit before you reach.

Till then…

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