Chanel Facial @ IFC Mall, Hong Kong

After 6 months of no facial, I finally went…

On my way to City Super, I saw Chanel counter and decided to check if they provide facial. They did and I made a reservation.

There is a huge difference. Firstly, there were no skin condition & current skincare routine check like the one I had in Singapore. Secondly, I felt the skin therapist was scrubbing my face throughout… Maybe my skin was too dirty… Lastly, the environment was not as private as the one in Singapore.

I was disappointed but I do not know where else I can go for facial… I have sensitive skin and Chanel skincare has worked well for me…

Living in Hong Kong, I realised my skin got really bad. I am having acne. I never had acne for a long time!! Is it the air pollution?

Price List (May 2017)

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-30 at 8.17.31 PM

Anyway, I will continue my facial with Chanel since it is walking distance from home and my skin needs extra care…

There’s 4 facial counter in Hong Kong island and another 4 outside of Hong Kong island. Hence, I think it would be easy to get facial appointment.

Hopefully, my next therapist would be better.

Below is the comparison I did. Hong Kong is cheaper than Singapore for most of the treatment. With HSBC credit card to purchase package, you will get 11 sessions (10 + 1 complimentary).

Hong Kong
Package x6
Hong Kong
Package x10
1Moisturising FaceS$150HK$760
1 = $125
1 = $122
2Le Blanc Absolute Whitening & RadianceS$180HK$810
1 = $150
1 = $130
3Le Lift Smoothing SculptingS$200HK$980
1 = $167
1 = $157
4Sublimage Ultimate RegeneratingS$250HK$1,460
1 = $208
1 = $233

I realised promotion in Hong Kong is complicated… Apparently, different credit card has different promotion for the same package.

Till then…

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