Adopted a cat has changed my life

People always see me as a cat person… I personally think I am a dog person instead… Anyway, I wanted to have a pet to keep me company. I have been checking on adoption for a dog but never seem to find the one…

I knew I had to spend a lot of time with a dog but at that time, my workload increased a lot and I had to travel occasionally. Hence, I thought having a cat would be a better option.

I really thought cat would not need as much time as dog but I was wrong. They both need equal time and affection, just in different ways.

I found Cat Welfare Society and they constantly have adoption drive. After researching for months, I finally went to one of the adoption drives with my husband. So many cats were up for adoption. I visited all the cats and met Lilo. She was so adorable and I decided to sign up to adopt Lilo.

Apparently, Lilo was very popular and I had to wait for 2 weeks before I hear from the fosterer. They came over to our apartment for a visit and had an informal interview. I guess it is important to know if our place is cat safe and if we would be right for Lilo. Honestly, when adopting Lilo, we never expect to relocate. I thought we would be staying in Singapore for good.

I was so happy when the fosterer informed me that we can adopt Lilo. I went to purchase on the necessary items for our new family member. Thanks to the fosterer, I managed to get everything.

We had to fill in adoption form, pay for Lilo’s sterilization, vaccination and adoption fee.

Since Lilo’s adoption, life has been very interesting. Accidents like Lilo peed & defecated outside of the litter box, Lilo scratched me so hard while I tried to shower her etc.

She was 7.5 months old when she came home. Now, she is already almost 2.5 years old. She was playful then and still playful. She has a unique personality. She is bossy, loves food and clumsy.

Honestly, my life in Hong Kong has been great because of Lilo.


Trying to walk Lilo like a dog and failed miserably in Singapore


 Lilo was scared as our current apartment has no noise reduction walls… I hear opposite neighbours, ones upstairs and downstairs…


When she was only 6 months old


One of her favourite things to do, under the sofa and grab any legs that passed by


Things that I have learnt from Lilo:

1. Scratches are part of our relationship
2. Never rub tummy
3. Showing affection is different from dogs
a) Showing tummy
b) Purring
c) Kneading
d) Bringing toys to you
e) Grooming
4. Leather are the best material to scratch
5. Catching is a must (My cat chases me)
6. Peeing outside the litter box is protesting
7. Cat grass is a must
8. Cat needs equal attention as dog

Just going to upload pictures I took of my cat took in both Singapore and Hong Kong.

Lilo found her spot at our coffee machine…


Human leg is great to sleep on (Hong Kong)


Lilo just sat there for a few minutes with that sad look. I thought why not join in the fun.


Trying to dress her up for Halloween in Singapore


Chilling together


Her scratches are lethal…


Behind glass door

The look when peed outside of litter box…


Hairy legs, don’t care


Comb to have soft fur


Fell into the toilet bowl and got swollen face


Came home to find soft toy left on the stairs…


Best toy ever


I have decided to update Lilo’s Instagram more often. Capturing her journey with us. Having a pet is such a blessing, no matter what animal.

Honestly, I am hoping to get a dog too. Maybe in a few years time. For now, Lilo will be the only princess at home.

Till then…


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