1. haha yeah…there’s so much good food here…can’t blame you

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    1. Actually, I lost weight in Hong Kong. I was almost 60kg at one point. I lost 5kg after coming here.

      Can’t deny the food here is good. I guess the place I am staying requires a lot of walking uphill.

      Guess I don’t need any gym membership. Just eat and walk. =)

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      1. haha. well I am embarrassed now. for me I definitely gained weight because of all the good food around. But yeah, you walk a lot more here in HK than in most cities in the world!

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      2. No worries. Everyone put on weight after moving to Hong Kong. So it’s normal to assume and I didn’t specify. I still need to lose more though.

        Yeah, I think it is great to walk but the weather is getting warmer.

        Keep your posting Hong Kong food adventure. You are one of my trusty guide. =)

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      3. haha glad to be ur guide. got a lot more coming! just leave me a message if u need anythin!

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      4. Awesome. Thanks, it is so kind of you. Take care and have a great weekend.

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      5. Hope you had a good weekend too!


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