Chanel N°5 The Body Oil

I have never thought of using body oil but I tried it during my last Chanel facial visit. I was surprised that it kept my skin moist with a subtle scent of rose and jasmine.

Chanel N°5 body oil is a new item for 2016. I decided to purchased after I got home from the facial but it was out of stock. I am surprised that some Chanel products get sold out so quickly. However, my wonderful skin specialist, Agnes was able to get hold of one for me.

Apparently, body oil moisturise dry skin as well as traditional lotions (without staining clothes or leaving their skin greasy). It is multipurpose as it can be used on hair and cuticles too.

A little history of Chanel perfume (taken from

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Chanel N°5 body oil 200 ml (SGD 150)

Chanel N5 Body Oil.jpg

It is in a spray, glass bottle. Hence, It is easier to apply on the body. The only concern is the size. Personally, I think it is too big to bring for my winter trip to Japan, Europe & New York. However, a woman needs to do what a woman needs to do…

I have dry body skin due to hot yoga & swimming. I will review again after a few months if I would continue with the product and how effective it works during winter.

Till then…

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