Cheapest option for data connection when travel to Europe & United States

It is a pain to travel without data connection, at least for me. Firstly, I would like to be able to check directions or train arrival time (usually when I am in Japan) quickly to get to my destination.

Secondly, I might need to make phone calls. Using Singapore number to call when overseas is pretty expensive. I was in China and had to call my friend for direction because the taxi driver got lost… Cost me about SGD 50 for less than 10 minutes of phone call…

Lastly, even though I do my research before I travel, I get lost at times too. It is really convenient and a life saver if I am able to access google map.

Since traveling to many countries, it would be ideal to get only 1 wifi router throughout the whole trip.

Below is the estimation for wifi rental from 3 companies in Singapore

Changi Recommends WiFi Baby
Europe & US 37 days 37 days 37 days
Cost per day $20 $14 $38
Total days charged 36 days 37 days 37 days
Total charges $720 $518 $1,406

Cheapest option is SGD 518. Even with 2 people, it will cost SGD 259 each person. Hence, I decided I will need to get SIM card this time. 2 SIM card to be precise.

Below is the estimation for 2 SIM card purchase

 Breakdown/SIM Card Europe 12GB SIM Card US 2GB SIM Card
Total Days 30 days 30 days
Cost per day NA NA
Total days charged NA NA
Total charges $60 $45

It will cost SGD 105, so much cheaper than wifi router rental (SGD 518). The only pain is making sure all the SIM cards are kept properly.

Do you think data connection is necessary when you travel? If yes, what do you do when you travel to more than 1 country? Let me know.

Hopefully, I am able to update my trip consistently soon…

Till then…

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