St Regis @ Chengdu, China

My first trip to mainland China. My husband has finally booked his ticket 5 days before the trip. I will be flying off first as I need to go for bridesmaid rehearsal and fitting. Decided to stay at St Regis Hotel as my husband needs to work during his stay in Chengdu. A nice environment with good service is necessary for him.

The hotel was opened in September 2014 so I guess it should be pretty new. I always like to check the hotel review and blog about it. After my stay, I will blog another post just to see if the online reviews match my actual experience.

With online marketing (paid reviews & heavily photoshop photos), I need to take everything with a pinch of salt.

The hotel is located at the Central Business District, nearby to Chunxi Road where there are many shopping areas & some local attractions like Tianfu Square.

Main Entrance

Photo Credit: St Regis Chengdu

Deluxe Room

str3473gr-152233_xxPhoto Credit: St Regis Chengdu

For the room, I just hope the bathtub will not leak like the one during my staycation in St Regis Singapore. I trust the bed is as comfortable as the one in Singapore.

They have both outdoor and indoor swimming pool due to 4 seasons. It is hard to find any indoor pool in Singapore. However, I still prefer outdoor pool.

Outdoor Pool

Photo Credit: St Regis Chengdu

Indoor Pool

Photo Credit: St Regis Chengdu

I guess I am more excited to attend my BFF’s wedding. I am not sure the difference of a Chinese wedding between Singapore and China. However, I do know it will be a big crowd. I am also not sure what to give to the wedding couple in China. I believe it is red packet but I thought gift would be much better.

Anyway, I will update my Chengdu trip when I am back.

Till then…

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