Cat Cafe MoCHA @ Shibuya

Err… I love cats. I  adopted a kitten (11 months old), Lilo, last year. However, I went to a cat cafe when I was in Japan. I was almost 3 weeks away from my Lilo. I felt so guilty after the visit. I felt I was cheating on my cat.

Anyway, the place was amazing. The interior & furnitures, I think they made a great effort to provide such relaxing environment.

First, how to get there? Easy, Shibuya is one of the places most people would visit for shopping. Take a train to Shibuya station.

Walk toward Shibuya 109 building.


And keep walking till you see the building below.


Take the lift to the 8th floor and you will see the entrance.

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Don’t worry if you don’t speak Japanese. The staff at the entrance spoke good English. She will explain to you what are the DOs & DON’Ts. You can place your bags in the locker and you have to wash your hands before you enter.


Just for your reference, their website wrote their rules in English. Just take note.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 3.26.34 PM

Once you are done, your cat therapy begins. The first floor (or the 8th floor) is really cosy and comfortable. The cats are free to roam around.

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Then you head to the second floor (or the 9th floor) for a more open and relax concept.

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You can pay ¥500 (SGD 6.30) for cat snack. All the cats will come to you.


They would place a big piece of cloth to prevent food stain on the carpet. All the cats coming to you. Remember to keep the snack high up as the cats will snatch it.


So cute when cats are sleeping.


You can have a drink at ¥350 (SGD 4.40). Self service, pick what you like.


At the end of you visit, just pass them the red booklet. They will tabulate the total cost.


I was there for about an hour (¥1,200) with cat snack (¥500) and a drink (¥350). After having a cat, visiting cat cafe feels different. Maybe I felt my cat is the cutest.

Cat Cafe MoCHA has a few outlets. You can visit them all if you like. Visit their website for more details. I will upload the video of my cat cafe MoCHA experience soon.

Till then…

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