18 Suite Villa at Bali

Bali, Indonesia November 2014

I was born in Indonesia but have never been to Bali.
Indonesia has 17, 000 over islands and many beautiful islands to visit, I know.

Maybe it’s just me. Beach should be something quiet and relaxing. I don’t really like commercialized beaches. For those who wants to visit not so commercialized beaches, one of them would be Manado, Indonesia. It’s popular for diving. Waters were so clear.

Anyway, I think I should at least visit Bali once and so I did.

Again, I got a great deal for the accommodation. 2 night stay at 18 Suite Villa. Got the deal from Expedia.com.sg, one of my favorite sites for good deals. I did check a few other sites for comparison before purchase.

You can also book from the official website. Not much of a difference but I just love stretching my dollar! The price varies depending on season too. Best time to go Bali would be May – July. November is the wet season but I did get some sun.

I think it is cosy with private pool, dinning area and bedroom on the second floor.

I was so impressed with one of the staff, he spoke really good Japanese. He is learning Japanese in Bali. He was excited when he heard me speaking Japanese to my boyfriend. He told us my boyfriend was the first Japanese customer. He will be heading to Japan next year for studies. I am so happy to meet him. Made me realized I need to work harder on my Japanese. His passion for Japanese was so infectious.

The thing I like about Indonesia is people are relaxed and friendly. Living in Singapore for the longest time have changed me totally. I’m impatient and want things to be done as quick as possible. Heading back to Indonesia, I need to change myself. I remember I was back in my hometown, Medan we waited for an hour for our dinner but everyone was okay with it. Adapting is necessary for me back home.

Just used my cellphone but the pictures were breathtaking. No editing was done. The phone was Asus Padfone Infinity.

Cliff View Bayan Tree

Check out the villa’s official site for the pictures.

Delivering Happiness

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