Netherlands May 2014

Travelled a long way to Netherlands to visit my family…

3 weeks of Europe. It was a good break. I get to spend time with the kids and see how my sister has been doing for the past 10 years in Netherlands. Intermarriage with a different culture and new language is challenging but I realized the things one might miss the most is food.

It was so hard to find authentic asian food. I tried Thai food and it taste nothing like Thai and cost me €8. Chinese food was different too. Hence, I embrace my bread, cheese, ham & sausages throughout my trip.

The best part of traveling for me is to meet people and understand their culture. I do more of the observing and listening kind of person. I also get to understand stereotypes that people might have on Asians.

I have learnt that if eyes met in Netherlands, we just say hello. I can get use to that. Not much of eye contact in Asia.

I love how the whole country is built with the cycling path.

Random pictures I took. Let’s just say I am those who likes to take pictures without myself in it. In a midst of editing more pictures. Uploaded some and will upload the rest soon.

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