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Learning French with Alliance Francaise


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ABC Cooking Studio – Homemade Pasta Party

Class: Homemade Pasta Party (World Selection)
Teacher: Regina Chan
Date: 1st May 2017, 2pm
No. of students: 4
Difficulty Level: 4 out of 5

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JCS Language School

JCS Japanese Language School

I have been taking Japanese lessons in JCS Japanese Language School.
My friend introduced me to this school in 2003 for Beginner Class.
In 2008, I took Intermediate Level.
In 2013, Advance Level 1.
In 2014, Advance Level 2.

In 2015, Further Advance Level. That means I passed my Japanese Advance Level 2!! I thought I wasn’t able to make it. I missed many classes due several reasons… I will work harder this year.

I attended the graduation at Singapore’s Shangri-la Hotel. Awesome event. I realized Singapore and Japan has been in close ties for a long time.

I chose JCS for several reasons:
1. Most reasonable school fees
2. Teachers are awesome
3. JCS is the official school that conducts JLPT examinations in Singapore

Look what I got! Once in a lifetime for 50th Anniversary Book!

JCS 50 Anniversary Book

JCS 50th Anniversary Door Gift

Door Gift

Pardon the picture, this was the only one I had with my sensei. I love her kimono. It is really expensive to own one and uncomfortable to eat, wearing one. My strategy, eat before wearing it.

JCS Japanese Language School

Sensei has a great sense of humor and makes classes interesting and fun. She has been curious for the longest time on why I am studying Japanese. Honestly, I think being able to speak Japanese would give me a better work opportunity but I have never used Japanese for work. The thought of it kinda scares me. Japanese language is hard with so many rules.

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