Kelly 28 gold epsom

My very first Hermès Kelly.

Never thought I would own Hermès Kelly bag as I really do not see myself spending 1:1 ratio to get a bag…

All I wanted was a Garden Party Tote bag so I can use it daily. I like the design as it is so simple and no branding.

Last year, when we bought some men’s ready-wear, we were offered a Garden Party Tote bag but the colour was something I do not like. Hence, we rejected.

This year, we bought more ready-wear items and some tableware. The sales associate randomly asked if I owned any bag from their brand. I said no. He said he could offer me something and my husband smiled.

My husband asked me to send him picture of the actual item I want. I gave 3 options with priority. The rest is history.

Husband was so excited to pass the present to me. I could not help but admire the beauty of the bag when I received it. I asked how much was the bag, he said he did not dare to check but just signed…

One Kelly bag and no more. I am a happy wife and mom.

Till then…

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