Learning Japanese

Trying my best to provide an environment where my baby is able to learn Japanese without watching TV or iPad…

Something that is interactive besides me reading to my baby.

It was hard to find something that teaches both Japanese and English. The reason I was looking for dual languages as I want baby to be able to learn both language at the same time.

Came across this item on Amazon.co.jp and decided to purchased it. Had to trouble in-laws to send it over to Hong Kong.

Baby enjoys his book and plays with it every single day. He is able to turn on the pen by himself, places it over on the pictures to learn the words. The book also plays simple games by asking simple questions and baby will try to point out the correct answer, using the pen.

The pen is also able to record voices.

Personally, I think it is a good toy for self-learning and for those half-Japanese babies. I get to learn new words too while playing it together with him.

Till then…

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