Private event in July 2021

My very first private event with Chanel.

I was invited for a markdown event. My ever first so I was extra excited but told myself I need to be strategic and do not buy unless I really like it and able to wear it for a long time.

For the private event, it is solely for the invited party and not allowed to bring any guest along.

I guess it makes sense. Else, it would be crowded. Appreciate how Chanel maintains the shopping experience in-store for the customers by crowd controlling. Especially during Covid-era.

I did not take much pictures because I would like to enjoy my shopping experience and want to shop more efficently.

Girls can be so scary when it comes to shopping. I can feel their excitement and the intention to buy as much as possible vibe.

Anyway, I went around 3pm and thought I would be done by an hour… Instead, I spent 3 hours.

There were a variety of items to choose from:

  1. Ready-to-wear
  2. Shoes
  3. Accessories

I spent the longest time on ready-to wear as items were on the racks and shelves. My SA understands my preferences and went to pick some items for me while I browsed and picked out those I would like to try.

Ready-to-wear were divided into 2 sections; Size 34&36 while Size 38 & above would be at the room next door. I went to both.

Previously, I mentioned I was eyeing on a dress and was wondering if it would be included during the markdown event. I was so desperate that even bigger size is okay with me. She was such an angel, found my size and kept for me.

I bought a total of 8 items. 5 ready-to-wear items

3 pairs of shoes

I bought this white long dress because I like how the material feels on my skin. It is not something I would wear often but I can wear it to the beach. A way to motivate myself to work more on my body shape too.

Initially was unsure of this long cardigan as pink is something I avoid. It was a good thing I kept this.

Just a simple t-shirt with subtle branding that I can still accept. Apparently this is a hot item. My SA recommended this.

A pair of shorts for the winter. Another item recommended by my SA

My husband and I did unboxing together. He thought I picked a good range of items except for the in-house slippers.

My closet is packed with clothes. Time to “marie-kondo” on items that I have not been wearing for more than a year.

Till then…

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