staycation (3D2N) – st regis hong kong

Staycation again…

Since we are unable to travel, staycation seems to be the only getaway we can get.

This is our second time staying with St Regis. First time, we had a good impression. However, the second time has been not so pleasant. It was a 3D2N staycation.

No doubt with the room environment and quality is great since it is a new hotel.

I tried their spa (90 minutes massage) and enjoyed it very much.

The first was good even though there were some miscommunication on the baby cot and tent. It was settled quickly by the staff.

Baby bathrobe and slippers were so adorable. Baby enjoyed the tent after his bath.

First night dinner was good for both food and service. Enjoying dinner after baby slept so we could eat slowly.

First day breakfast was good with a good selection of choices

  1. Buying bathrobe for family

The issue is we decided to buy bathrobe for our family. The staff at the spa was ill-informed with bathrobe sizes and prices… Errr… That is basically not knowing the products.

We decided to buy one bathrobe for baby (suitable for age 2-5 years old), HKD 680.

Mom – one bathrobe size M, HKD 1,680.

Dad- one bathrobe size XL, HKD 1,918.

The staff informed us that all the bathrobes provided are standard, Size M for female, size XL for male.

We made the payment of HKD 4,278 and was informed she would bring the items to our room later on. I was like, such good service.

The shocking part came when she came over to our room, informed us that there has been a pricing misinformation.

Baby bathrobe is HKD 1,080 instead… Fine, we will still take the bathrobe.

Then, she informed that there were no stocks for size XL or L. The standard size for male is L instead of XL. Additionally, she suggested both of us to take size S instead…

I was shocked by what logic is behind this suggestion. She came with one baby bathrobe and 2 S sizes bathrobe.

Then, we said no to her suggestion. She then suggested us to pay for size XL and collect it later… Huh? If the current size L is already too big, why should we even get XL?!

My husband has been very polite while I could not hold back to question her logic.

“If you go to the store and size L fits you well, why would you get size XL?! Knowing it would be too big for yourself….”

Too shocked by the staff, I just decided to buy for baby instead…

2. In-room dinning

Ordered the food after the baby slept. We hanged a sign that indicates baby is sleeping. The staff pressed the doorbell and knocked the door.

Came in and delivered only 2 items without telling us one item is out of stock. Usually, they would call to see if we like to add on anything else.

We had to asked her, and she talked super loud like we could not hear her and insisted we should just sign the bill… I was like, I can understand if it is Deliveroo but this is a hotel with so-called high quality service.

2 items were a soup and a bowl of rice, no more main dish… Dumbfounded.

We had to tell her to lower her voice as our baby is sleeping… Our night did not end well…

3. Language barrier

Some staff do not speak English but we managed somehow. My Japanese husband would just turned to me like I speak Cantonese….

The day before checkout, breakfast saved the stay but I told my husband we need to make our unpleasant stay known to the front desk.

So we did but of course in a calm way… Husband asked if I would be back for staycation, I said I would be back for the food…

Till then…

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