BABY ITEM REVIEW – Bugaboo Ant ultra compact stroller

Did a lot of comparison on different brands of stroller before deciding Bugaboo Ant.

Deciding factor was the lightweight and cabin-size as we were travelling when baby turns 3 months old. It was compact and I used it when I go nearby cafes with baby.

However, the neighbourhood I stayed did not have much walkway and loads of slopes and stairs. I felt safer using baby carrier instead after a while.

Personally think it is still good to have a stroller.

Now, my baby is almost 2, we hardly use the stroller and encourage him to walk more when out. If he is too tired, baby carrier or papa would carry him on his shoulders.

If my neighbour had more space and flat surface, I would have gotten another stroller instead, something bigger. However, I think I made a right choice with Bugaboo Ant based on our needs.

I set it up by myself when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant. Guess it is not so difficult or a mama gotta do it when papa is busy with work…

Bugaboo is a Dutch brand and I really think their practicality reflects on their products. Highly recommend it.

Till then…

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