HORIZON 55 Damier Ebène Canvas

Rolling suitcase is so necessary for staycation.

I got this for carry-on suitcase for short trips in 2018 but did not realised it would become staycation rolling suitcase instead.

Husband and I have been traveling extensively since 2016. We would travel for more than a month to Japan, Singapore & Europe. Each of us would have a huge luggage (Japanese brand).

We prefer Japanese brand luggages because they are more well thought with stopper, designs are basic and durable. If you are interested, please check this post on JAPANESE LUGGAGE BRAND – HANT.

However, since we were in Europe, decided to get Louis Vuitton rolling luggage instead of Japanese brand. If Japanese brand, I would pick the same design but in smallest size. My husband was asking me to get something different.

I love the smoothness of the rolling luggage.

Me in Jan 2019, short trip to Singapore. It is a good size for carry-on. Do not have to wait for luggage after arrival.

Have been using it for staycations. Baby is excited to see the rolling suitcase as he knows he is going for staycation.

Till then….

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