Chanel métiers d’art 2020/21

Classic white jacket, my search has come to an end…

I have been searching for a classic white jacket Saw this online and decided to have a quick look.

Got a few items from last year’s Métiers d’Art too. Found myself liking their collection.

Honestly, the work is really an art. In terms of the prices, items are more expensive than the other collections (excluding their couture collection).

I was checking on Chinese social media platform and knew about the pricing. The official website did not state the pricing.

Contacted my wonderful SA and they had it in my size. Tried it on and I did not want to take it off.

I think it is a classic piece that I can wear it for decades. Despite the price, decided to get it.

Hence, my Chanel jackets collection has been completed.

  1. Classic White 4 pocket jacket
  2. Cream cropped jacket
  3. Autumn 4 pocket jacket
  4. Black 4 pocket jacket

I do not think I need to get a classic black 4 pocket jacket as I felt it would be repetitive with my black jacket.

Can’t believe I managed to collect them within less than 3 years time.

Till then…

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