baby item review – Miracle Blanket

Just thankful that we had great help in training the baby to sleep through the night. We were introduced to Miracle Blanket. Plus playing white noises to help baby sleep.

Honestly, I did not know having quality sleep is possible for a mom. I was mentally prepared for sleepless nights and all the beautiful mess.

Benefit of Miracle Blanket:

  • Help baby fall asleep
  • Help baby sleep longer
  • Help keep babies on their backs (recommended by the AAP)
  • Calm crying and fussiness for any baby
  • Provide a safe-sleep alternative to traditional swaddling
  • Prevent twitching, startling, facial scratches, & breaking out of swaddles
  • Make breastfeeding easier
  • Provide a healthy hip and leg environment with freedom of movement for proper development
  • Allow you to uniquely swaddle “Hand-to-Heart”, arms down, in or out
  • Works with any size baby age 0-14 weeks

Below are the steps to swaddle the baby.

This is me, checking on baby and if the webcam is working. Baby was only 2 months old, sleeping well during nap times and night.

If you are interested, this is the official website. I bought them on official store as I was getting other items at the same time.

Highly recommend this item as I also tried other swaddle products but did not work as well as miracle blanket.

Till then…

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