Hotel Sedona Manado @ Manado, Indonesia

It was a Valentine’s Day gift from my husband (then boyfriend) in 2013. He wanted to bring me to Bali but the tickets were too expensive when we checked. Hence, I went to search for other options.

Manado is the capital city of the North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. Popular among the divers for the clear waters. I got to know this island while reading a magazine in hair saloon.

I doubt there is any budget flight to Manado from Singapore. We took SilkAir.


Noodles for breakfast?


Just checked their website and realized they have done some upgrading to their rooms.

Previous Superior room in 2013

73056_15062215170030248420Photo Credit: Agoda

Current Superior room

2170093_2699917_1439383812Photo Credit:

Not a diver but we went for snorkeling around Bunaken Island. This is how clear the waters were. I hope it remains the same for as long as possible. I have seen terrible people smoking in the waters, in Phuket…


Like any beach area, seafood is the best option for dinner. Yasu brought me to a restaurant near the Jetty. Couldn’t remember the restaurant name.


Saw another restaurant nearby, The Sense. Looked like a great place to chill too.


Not sure why but the food pictures I took were blurred… Anyway, you can ride this at the nearby jetty. However, it was a fixed route.


View of the hotel from our room


I prefer to travel to not so commercialized places for relaxation. Most of the guests were Indonesians. Manado, great food and great service. Maybe it can be your next destination?

Till then…

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