Okushiga Kogen Hotel @ Nagano

We were choosing between ski or onsen. In the end, we chose ski. My husband enjoyed it while I don’t because I do not ski… We stayed 2 nights.

We got South Wing Superior Twin (with breakfast). The room was comfortable.


However, I enjoyed the food. Buffet with good selection of healthy food. In Japan, people have their breakfast on a tray. Not so sure why but you can control your food intake and makes it easier for cleaning.


My husband’s breakfast selection


For our first night, we had our dinner at Gendai French Restaurant

e383ace382b9e38388e383a9e383b3e78fbee4bba3Photo Credit: Okushiga Kogen Hotel

The food was delicious. One foreigner staff was speaking Japanese to me but I couldn’t understand. It was quite a funny encounter. We had a good laugh.

After dinner, we went to the lounge to relax.


You can play pool to kill time


The second night, we had Japanese food @ Kunenbo

The view of the hotel from the outside. It is really convenient place to ski. The ski area is right in front of the hotel.


Asked my husband to take a photo of me. As usual, he missed the focal point


See what I mean?


The food was really good. We went during the peak season (26th December to 3rd January), hence it was about SGD 2,000 for 2 nights stay, including food & ski.

Will upload Nagano vlog soon.

Till then…


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