Keep Calm and Read On

I remembered I was away from home since I was 5. I had a lot of time but no one to play with. All I could remember was I read, both English and Mandarin books.

I realized I don’t read that much anymore. I need to get back to reading.

I read a lot of junk. Things about Karma, Horoscopes, Blood Type, Body Language etc. I prefer non-fiction books for some reason. My mom forbids me from reading love stories since I was young. She said I am too young for all those. Everyone in school read love stories while I read non-fiction.

Maybe that’s the reason. I’m thankful for that because I don’t dream about having a romantic relationship. Made me more practical and realistic. I hate it when people tell me that my partner will treat me like a princess. I’m a queen.

I guess it’s true. You are what you eat. Same goes for:

You are what you read

I like spending time at the bookstore. Go through book titles and see what catches my attention. Sometimes, friends would recommend books to me or lend me. Grateful for that. Happy when people share.

Currently reading a book that was recommended by a friend.

Eat Right 4 Your Type

Apparently different blood types need to have different diets and exercises in order to stay fit and healthy. I tried many ways. I stopped eating rice for 2 months but lost no weight. I was on pescatarian diet for a year, maintained my weight but I wasn’t as strong as before. Maybe it was aging.

The author explains his research and how he came about to his conclusion. There is diet plan for each blood type and what exercise to do.

Have been telling everyone about this book to my friends because I think it helps.

Just had a sudden thought that I should review the books I read. At least I can look back and practise what I have learnt. A friend told me I should take notes on books that I have read. Instead, I do it digitally.

Anyway, keep calm and read on…

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