Travel Light

I was told that I travel like a guy… Guess what they are trying to say is I travel light. I think it is necessary and it is easy to achieve. Just take what is necessary. For business trips, it is usually short trips of not more than 3days. Depending on the trips, I might need to carry 2 luggages for presentation materials.

1. Makeup Pouch Items


It clearly implies how minimal my makeup is… Either I am confident or I just don’t care… Hahaha.

2. Tory Burch Robinson Expandable Concierge Wallet


I love this wallet bag to the max because it is so convenient. I am able to organize everything in this small compact bag.

1. A zipper compartment – where i put all my coins, my pen & cellphone

2. Two currency compartments – I don’t struggle when it comes to making payment in foreign currency

3. One receipt compartment – I know where to look when I’m doing my business claims

4. Ten interior card slots – My cards are organized!!! Very happy!!

5. A passort holder – Makes checking-in, boarding so much easier.


My colleagues found it so convenient and wanted to get them too. No, I wasn’t sponsored by Tory Burch. I just thought the design was brilliant for female travelers.

However, I travel with my backpack too. 3D2N trip with this bag! Awesome for me especially for beach trips.


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