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Boracay, Philippines December 2017

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Fairmont Makati @ Philippines, Manila

Stayed at Fairmont Makati twice during my business trip. The hotel is well located, walking distance to shopping malls. I was able to do market visit on my own. One of the malls, Greenbelt Park.

The room was comfortable

b3e1a01c-d8a6-4c09-9697-2d65d151b6f0Photo Credit: Fairmont Makati

The first time I stayed, the check-in was in my room. Felt awkward because there was just me with the Fairmont staff. The staff were friendly, made the stay pleasant.

The lobby

4f4b243e-ec38-4e3d-aa7f-a3ecb84a863fPhoto Credit: Fairmont Makati

I didn’t get to explore much but I did go for local food after work. I love Filipino food. One of my favorite dish is Sisig (pig’s head and liver) with white rice. I know how it sounds but it is so good…


I do miss traveling for work and overnight setup for product launches.


Anyway, I had my reason. Sacrifices one has to make to have a family…

Till then…

Laiya Beach Batangas

Batangas, Philippines February 2015

I am so happy to attend my friend’s wedding. It was amazing. I will just let the video and pictures do the “blogging”.

Venue: Beach Batangas, Kota Keluarga


Pictures taken by friends


Here comes the beautiful bride. I am always impressed by her. She has the most genuine smile in any situation. Many more blissful years to come.


Dinner on the beach!!!


Table decoration was just stunningly beautiful.

First dance: Father and daughter


Everyone released LED lighted balloons at the end of the night. The view was awesome but my camera could not capture it well..


Spent a lovely night at the hut before heading back to Singapore the next day.


I had a night flight so I travelled to Resort World Manila via shuttle bus provided at the airport since I had many hours to kill. Ribbit travels with me most of the time. Traveling alone is fun. Reminds me of my trips to Europe and Taiwan. Going to travel alone to Australia soon.


Resort World Manila was boring for me since I don’t go to the Casino. Walked around for less than an hour and headed back to the airport. Had Wendy’s for lunch! Feels like home when I go for fast food fried chicken with rice.


And I spent the rest of my remaining time studying.


This year has been busy but I fill myself with some trips to keep me energized. There are still many countries I have never been to and crossing some this year and hopefully more to come.

1. March – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
2. May – Sydney, Australia

Hmm… I will need to plan soon and maybe visit some friends in Sydney. The weather should be cooling nice. I don’t need summer since I get it throughout the whole year.

Happy September

September is a busy month. Out of town for all the weekends. First week to Manila, Philippines for work. Just happy to have a comfortable bed to rest after a long day. Hopefully, a nice swimming pool & a good gym.

Last September, I spent my birthday at River Safari alone.

This year, heading to Bangkok, Thailand @ Banyan Tree. I am excited. I have planned it myself since April. Taking the suite room for 2 nights.


Dinner at Vertigo


Heading to Japan for leisure the following weekend. The last time I went was 9 years ago. It is nice to be able to travel without applying for visa. Changing citizenship is a huge move.

I should blog more frequently… Just realized it has been a year since I last blogged. I should get it started again. A good way to release stress too. Will find some time to blog about Netherlands too.

Okay, done with my random thoughts…

Boracay, Philippines July 2013

First trip to Philippines was awesome. Thanks to our best friend who is our travel captain for this trip. We travel in a group sometimes. This trip had Filipinos, Japanese, Malaysians, French, Korean & Indonesian.

This shot was taken by the ice-cream seller.


It was quite a hassle to travel to Borocay but it was worth it. We had to take this ferry to our destination.


The fine sand and clear waters amazed me.


We also dropped by Manila. Some of us tried the “One Day Old” chicken. I wasn’t brave enough.