Took me a day, to mentally calm myself. I couldn’t sleep and I really want to know exactly what happened.

I went to school to pick up my 2 year old son at 2pm. When I reached, he was crying so hard. He hardly cries hard. Even if he does, give him a piece of tissue paper and he would be able to calm himself down. It didn’t work.

Other teachers seemed busy and I was left alone with my child.

I tried hard to calm myself down and not freak out.

This was him after he managed to calm down.

I felt something was wrong, he couldn’t seem to lift up his left hand. So I asked him to take a pencil with his left arm and he refused. He mentioned it hurts.

A few teachers came to explain what happened but I was not able to process the information as it doesn’t adds up to why my son was not able to lift up his hand.

My only concern was to get him to the hospital. I need to make sure he was okay.

For 30 minutes, I was struggling to make sense of what happened but was told they were away and did not know what happened. One of the teachers suggested I could request to look at the video cameras.

I was accompanied by the staff to the orthopedist. She was kind to help me with all the paperwork.

Throughout the ride to the clinic, my son did not moved his arm and mentioned it hurts.

When we reached the clinic at about 3pm and met with the doctor, he did a few test with him. First, he checked his elbow and my son gave out a faint cry.

Later, doctor asked my son to touched his ear with his left hand. Initially, he refused. He used his right hand to touch his left ear. After a few requests, he finally was able to do it.

Just to give some context on why I am so concerned about my son’s elbow, he had pulled elbow before he turned one year old.

I paid the bills, sent the staff back to office and got home with my son.

Confused, alone and unheard. From 2pm – 3pm, my son did not move his arm.

I checked with my son if he wanted to go school and he said yes. I brought him the next day. Requested to watch videos but was told the camera was not working.

Honestly, I do not want to think bad of anyone. I was told the management was going to call me on 25th May but nothing.

Seems like my son incident was not important and I am left confused.

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