What’s cooking?

Tried to cook this after ABC Cooking Studio class for TWO THAI CURRIES FOR MIDSUMMER.

Husband was looking forward to this meal.

I had to go to the local wet market to get the crabs. Spoke in my limited Cantonese and had to pay in cash.

It was quite an experience to cook live crabs but it was really fresh when we ate.

Honestly, did not know how much to buy so I bought 4 crabs for HKD 800. My husband said it was too much but it was a good portion to enjoy twice.

Crabs staring at me

I had to ask for help from my helper. I used to handle crabs when I was a kid as my mom was too scared… I guess I need to check what is the least painful and fastest way handle crabs.

In progress of cooking

Final product

Husband and baby approved.

Till then…

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