Chinese Tea Eggs (茶葉蛋)

What’s cooking?

Not sure if it is an age thing or just because I have become a full-time housewife. I started to search for recipes to make it at home.

Enjoying the learning process and making it. Watching my husband enjoying the food.

Best part of making it at home, you can adjust the flavour to your own liking.

We are lucky to be in a country where we can find most of food we like to eat. Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Singaporean, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, Taiwanese, Middle Eastern etc.

Growing up in Singapore, I learned to appreciate different cultures, mainly through their cuisine. Can’t imagine moving to another country where variety of food is a luxury.

Hence, I decided to pick up a few dishes just in case that day would come.

Finding ingredients to make is also a challenging part. Especially in Hong Kong, I need to ask friends for advice and they have always been kind and helpful.

Below is the recipe I got from

So lucky to find the ingredients with my friend’s advice

The shop owner and staff were friendly and kind. Items are in small packages and reasonably priced. Yuan Heng Spice Co is located in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island.

I will do another post about the store.

I prepared for 10 eggs instead of 6, as suggested by the recipe. I adjusted the ingredients accordingly.

Tip from my mistake. After boiling the eggs, crack the shells as much as possible. This will allow the tea mixture to soak through the whole egg.

10 eggs took us a week to finish. It is quite easy to make and delicious. Please give it a try. Check out Christine’s Website for the whole recipe.

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