Tamaki Home – Cat House

Trying to make things work at home… My lovely cat loves to pee on carpet and scratch leather sofa.

You might say the cat litter is not clean enough or I didn’t gave her any scratch post but no. She has 3 cat litter boxes and a tall cat tree house, yet she isn’t happy with the arrangement.

She peed on our bed 4 times in 2 weeks. Also peed on our sofa-bed while I was surviving my hyperemesis gravidarum during my pregnancy… I was lying on the smelly sofa-bed for 3 months before we moved to a bigger unit and disposed the sofa-bed.

Finally decided to get this cat house as I want my cat and baby have more interaction. We have moved to a 4 bedroom loft apartment and used the 4th bedroom as my cat’s room. However, she is always in the room and we hardly visit her.

Got this cat house from Taobao.com. (HKD 780 + HKD 100 + HKD 250 = HKD 1,130)

The only issue is I need to find a handyman to setup the cat house as my husband is not a very hands-on person… If I do it, I might spend a lot of time. The cost of the assembly is higher than the cat house…

Baby loves cat but cat hates baby. Cat has scratched baby many times… I will monitor their interactions.

Cat has been out and more relaxed now.

The quality of the cat house is acceptable for that price. Doing my best so everyone is happy staying together. That includes my husband.

Till then…

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