Tamaki Kitchen – 白菜と豚のミルフィーユ鍋

What’s cooking? Getting the hang of cooking Japanese food.

At least, my Japanese husband is happy. Hopefully, my son would love my cooking in future.

Cooking is not only following from recipe. Need to understand the basics. Else, it will be just like a machine cooking. Took many classes from ABC Cooking Studio and repeat them at home.

Now, I am able to think of what to cook with remaining ingredients. I still remember the stress at Japanese supermarket, lost with what to buy.

As I continue to cook, I like to share the ingredients I use.

Many people love Japanese food and yet unable to fully understand and appreciate a variety of Japanese food. I was once like that. It takes time and guidance to understand each food culture. Honestly, I am still learning.

When I was in my early 20s, I love the idea of cooking bento and bring them to work for lunch. My Japanese colleagues were not impressed but I did my best. 振り掛け (Furikake) are meant for kids, to encourage them to eat the rice.

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I still remember I tried to cook some 丼 (don) and it was laughable looking back. I could not find proper meat and bought bacon instead… So it was ベーコン丼。I made this in April 2014. Husband, then boyfriend was so kind to finish the food.

He did mention that I need more time to fully understand Japanese food culture.


After 6 years, I finally get it…

I guess everyone goes through the same process. Instead of making fun of people, let’s learn together. Learning is a continuous process. I really do not like people putting others down just because they do not know something. We keep learning every day and we should share knowledge.

Japanese food is more than just ramen, sushi and don.

Below is the dashi I bought from Oisix @ HKD 115.80. Click the link to buy online.

[化学調味料不使用]いろいろ使える八方だし 1L





可配合各種不同料理 製作最多美味食物


So I mixed 1:3 (dashi:water) with mirin, sake and soya sauce for the soup. Ingredients are Japanese cabbage and thin sliced pork. Unable to see it in my picture but I placed 1 sliced of pork and 1 piece of Japanese cabbage.

For Japanese cabbage (HKD 32.80), I got it from Oisix while pork from Sogo mart (HKD 140). Highly recommend to get good ingredients to enjoy this meal.

Photo Credit: https://oceans-nadia.com/user/34997/recipe/217284

My pot was too big so it did not have such nice presentation. Will need to get a nicer pot for nabe dishes soon. You can just have it with rice and ponzu (citrus soya sauce).


It is easy to make and delicious. We had leftover soup and my husband ate udon with it.

Please give it a try and hope you will like it.


  1. Dashi – 150ml
  2. Water – 450ml
  3. Mirin – 1Tbsp
  4. Sake – 1Tbsp
  5. Soya sauce – 1Tsp
  6. Sliced pork – 140g
  7. Japanese cabbage – 1/4

Till then…

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