Tamaki Home – 3 Function Room

Converting helper’s room to a 3 function room. Size of the room, 1.37m x 2.1m, plus attached toilet (which I did not measure). It will be a study, laundry and food storage room.

After dismissal of my helper last year June, the room has been a storage and laundry room. It was quite messy.

Previously, helper’s room with bed and cabinet.


Below is the empty room. I had to dispose the bed, moved the cabinet to my baby’s room. I provided a full-length mirror and had to move it to my master bedroom.


I did not take a picture of how messy it became…

After much measurement and research on furnitures to get. Below is the final look for study and laundry.


Items I got:

  1. Chair from FrancFranc (Original HKD 1,700, Discounted HKD 1, 020)
  2. Table from Ikea VITTSJÖ (HKD 399)
  3. Trolley from Ikea SUNNERSTA (HKD 249.90)
  4. Clock from FrancFranc (HKD 200, Discounted HKD 180)
  5. Candle Warmer from Yankee (SGD 79 excluding candle)
  6. Curtain from Taobao (RMB 53)

Items like trolley, candle warmer and curtain were previously owned. I refrain from buying extra items. As for the clock, I just prefer analog clock even though I could check my watch or iMac.

I used the trolley as a bookshelf and also storage for laundry and cleaning items.

The other side of the room with food storage shelf and laundry hanger. For the toilet, mainly for my cat. However, still in progress. Managed to hang the iron board in the toilet. Hence, keeping the room spacious.


Items I got:

  1. 1 shelf section from Ikea Omar (HKD 599.80)
  2. Laundry hanger from Pricerite (HKD 269)

Pretty satisfied with the room setup. Took a few weeks to materialise but a little more work with the toilet.

Time to start studying for my JLPT N1 again… Good luck. Not sure if the examinations would take place with the ongoing COVID-19.

Anyway, no excuse for not studying.

Till then…

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