Tamaki Kitchen

Tamaki Kitchen, I just like the sound of it.

3rd year in Hong Kong and we decided to move to a bigger unit apartment as the previous unit’s kitchen was too small. It was big enough for only one person to cook.

New unit has a bigger kitchen with a good amount of space for storage and cooking.

There is a space for breakfast corner too. Not the best view but it is cosy for my husband and I. We would sit there sometimes over the weekend.


Trying to cook more frequently after moving to a new unit.

This was easy because I just bought sashimi from CitySuper and cooked the sushi rice.


Dinner with Miso Cod Fish with side dishes


Dinner with Shrimp, Scallop & Onion Rice En Papillote, also Grilled Zucchini & Eggplant with Pesto


Dinner with Nikujaga and Miso Soup


My lunch, Mapo Don


Husband and cat, enjoying some time together, in the kitchen


Really hope I can improve more with Japanese cooking.

Till then…

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