Home Sweet Home – Balcony, Hong Kong

Trying my best to create a cosy home in Hong Kong with our new found apartment.

Rentals in Central Hong Kong is crazy. We had to find a similar size apartment from our previous home in Singapore. Honestly, one needs to pay a substantial amount of rent to live comfortable in Hong Kong. I am shocked. Singapore is not the most expensive city to live in, I think Hong Kong is.

I would like to share how I try to create my cosy home in Hong Kong. Thanks to Pinterest, people who shared ideas.

This is our balcony and I thought it needed some decoration…


Honestly, who would design the flooring to be like this? It’s going to be slippery when it rains, cold when it’s winter and hot when it’s summer…


Headed to Ikea and got the artificial plant and outdoor flooring.

FEJKA – Artificial potted plant with pot, grass (HKD 149.90 each x 6)
Photo Credit: Ikea.com
RUNNEN Floor decking, outdoor, brown stained brown (HKD 369.90 1 set (9 pieces) x 2)
The final product


I had to measure the surface area, decided the number of pieces of flooring needed and saw off extras to fit the artificial plants.

I could have just put floorings instead to save HKD 900 but I thought some green would be nicer. While I was purchasing 6 of these, someone from behind me wanted purchase too. He pushed his way through and grab hold of one. After he saw the price, he said, “Oh… No, it’s so ugly anyway. Let’s get something else…”.

I find it extremely rude because

1. He pushed me while I was getting the item
2. Don’t wait for his turn
3. Try to insult others who are getting them
4. Pretending to be atas but is a cheapskate

What’s wrong with these people?! Putting people down doesn’t make you a better person. I turned and wanted to confront him but he sped off. Coward…

I met the most obnoxious people in Ikea… Makes my blood boil thinking of them…

Anyway, I wanted to get outdoor chairs but was reminded the air quality in Hong Kong. Not the best idea to relax and breath in air pollution…

So this will be my view for the next 2 years…


Space is a luxury in Hong Kong. I should be thankful that I have a balcony…

Till then…

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