3 months baby saying “Hello”

Back from Japan trip and I am missing Japan already. Missing family, friends, auto-door taxis, food, great services and crazy all way crossroads.

We visited our friends at their new home. Most importantly, we met our new friend, Soma. He is 3 months old but already speaking. I was just saying “Hello, Soma” and he started talking to me.

One of the things that I learnt from my mom, always use your pinky finger with babies. It is the right size for babies to hold.

Soma with daddy.


Soma with pretty mummy.


I am in love with Japanese home toilets. They are very well thought and clean. Apparently in Japan, it is common to build your own house.


Food was delicious. Karaage made by Yo chan (Soma’s mummy) was so good that Yasu and I went to buy karaage paste to make in Singapore. However, it doesn’t taste as good as Yo chan’s.


We also ordered Sushi too.


Thank you for the delicious cake.


We had a great time. Hope to see everyone again.


Yasu is really blessed to have such good friends. They always make time to meet him whenever he is back in Gifu. We hope to treat them well when they are in Singapore.


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