Taichung, Taiwan – Fengjia Market | 春水堂

One of my favorite countries, Taiwan. Gotta love the food, people & everything else.

Visiting Taiwan is easy because I speak Chinese. Every country I go, I would prefer to have internet connection. Taiwan is one of the countries that provide pretty good pre-paid SIM card.

Go get the SIM if you are in Taoyuan Airport.


We took High Speed Rail to Taichung.


It was cooling in December, 16°c.


Love visiting cafes in Taiwan. Unique designs with awesome food.


Our first meal in Taichung.


I found an accommodation near Fengjia Market. We are just minutes away to all the good food. My husband fell in love with Taiwanese street food. I guess that was the time we started to gain weight… Don’t know how those Taiwanese girls stay slim…


Want something fancier? Go Jinming 1st Street. Nice cafes where you can relax.

Jinming 1st Street

You have to try this place for Taiwanese food, 春水堂 (Chun Shui Tang). They serve hot bubble milk tea. A must try!


Many good food to try. One of them, beef noodles.


Pork chop rice was delicious too! Be there earlier because they only serve pork chop rice till 8pm.


Visited National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.


He wanted to go Krabi but I insisted to go Taiwan. He said Taiwan was not interesting when he was there for the first time. However, he grew to like Taiwan after this trip. He wanted to travel other parts of Taiwan for our next trip.

We went to have street food and he told he just wanted to try some. In the end, he ate most of my food…

563918_10151148158580796_871699396_n (1)

We went to Nantou & Taipei too. Will update soon.

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